Puerto Rico Open 2024: Schedule and How to Watch Online

The Puerto Rico Open celebrates sportsmanship and fraternity, providing a stage for players to show off their skills as fans take in the island’s breathtaking scenery. The Grand Reserve Country Club in Rio Grande will host the tournament. It is scheduled from March 7, 2024 where the finals will be played on March 10, 2024 at the same venue.

I will guide you about the Puerto Rico Open TV Schedules, dates, and TV Channels in this guide.

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Event NamePuerto Rico Open
Start Date7th March, 2024
End Date10th March, 2024
CourseGrand Reserve Country Club
Purse$3,800,000 (2023)
Current ChampionNico Echavarria
FormatStroke Play
TV ChannelsGolf Channel (USA), CBS (USA), ESPN (USA), NBC (USA), Sky Sports Golf (UK)

How to Watch Puerto Rico Open 2024 Anywhere in the world?

Follow these instructions to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and watch the Puerto Rico Open from anywhere in the world:

  1. Make sure your VPN has servers in the United Kingdom and the United States. ExpressVPN is one of the most well-known alternatives.
  2. Sign up with your preferred VPN provider and install its app. Grab the appropriate file if you’re using a different OS (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc.).
  3. Launch the VPN client, enter your login information, and connect to a server. Connect to a UK server if you want to watch on the UK broadcaster and a US server if you’re going to watch on the US broadcaster.
  4. It is recommended that you delete all cookies and cache from your browser before using the streaming platform. As a result, your streaming should go more smoothly.
  5. To watch the Puerto Rico Open live, all you need is a web browser and the broadcaster’s official website address.
  6. You need to create an account or log in before using some streaming services. Sign up for a new account or enter your existing login information.
  7. After logging in, the live stream of the Puerto Rico Open will become available. Watch the tournament from the comfort of your own home or apartment.

How to Watch the Puerto Rico Open 2024 Online?

As mentioned above Golf Channel, CBS, ESPN, NBC are the official broadcasters of this event in the US while you can check out Sky Sports Golf if you want to watch this event in the UK.

So all, you need is to go for the streaming apps that carries these channels.

So, you can watch the Puerto Rico Open on Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, Paramount, DirecTV Stream and YoutubeTV as they have all these specific channels that carries Puerto Rico Open 2024.

These channels carries the official broadcasters of Puerto Rico Open but these channels have some active subscriptions. Before moving further, fans must go through subscription option that will suits to you and then enjoy your sports.

What Sling TV Subscription has Puerto Rico Open?

Sling TV is offering various channels that will broadcast Puerto Rico Open 2024 under different price tiers. Fortunately Sling TV all those channels who offers Golf Content on their website. It means you have pay different amounts channels have different subscription packages that are listed below.

NBC SportsSling Blue ($40/mo) and Sling Orange & Blue ($55/mo)
ESPNSling Orange ($40/mo) and Sling Orange + Blue ($55/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Sling Orange ($40/mo)
CBS SportsSling Blue + Sports Extra ($51/mo)

What Fubo TV Package has Puerto Rico Open 2024?

FuboTV is offering the coverage of Puerto Rico Open with the help of channels that are listed below.

Let’s have a look at their subscription packages.

NBC SportFubo Latino Package ($33/mo)
ESPNPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
CBS SportsPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Elite Plan ($84.99/mo) Premium Plan ($94.99/mo)

What Hulu TV package has Puerto Rico Open 2024?

HuluTV offers different packages of channels to watch Puerto Rico Open that are mentioned below.

NBC SportBasic Package ($7.99-$82.99/mo)
ESPNDisney Bundle ($12.99mo)
CBS SportsLeast expensive Plan ($69.99/mo)

What Paramount Plus package has Puerto Rico Open 2024?

Paramount only offer CBS Sports for the broadcasting of Puerto Rico Open 2024, so it means that Paramount Plus could not be your go to destination to watch the full event online.

CBS SportsEssential Plan ($5/mo) Premium Plan($10/mo)

What DirecTV Stream package has Puerto Rico Open 2024?

DirectTV Streaming is providing the online streaming of Puerto Rico Open on the following channels falls under different subscription packages.

Golf Channel (USA)Choice Package($69.99/mo)
CBS Sports Choice Package ($99.99/mo) Ultimate Package ($109.99/mo) Premier ($154.99/mo)

What YoutubeTV Package has Puerto Rico Open 2024 ?

YoutubeTV is one of the dependent online services that you can go for if you want to live stream Puerto Rico Open 2024 anywhere in the world. YoutubeTV has ESPN and the Golf Channel that broadcast Puerto Rico Open in the US market.

ESPNBasic Package ($72.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Base Plan ($72.99+/mo) Spanish Plan($34.99/mo)

Watch Puerto Rico Open online on ESPN Plus ?

ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming service that provides sports programming, including Golf. ESPN+ covers several sports, including PGA Tour and other prestigious golf tournaments.

If you want to watch the Puerto Tico Open on ESPN+, remember that it would cost you somewhere around $9.99/mo and $99.99/mo.

Watch Puerto Rico Open on Amazon Prime Video ?

Amazon Prime Video provides streaming coverage of some Golf events, such as Puerto Rico Open 2024 and other PGA Tour events in the UK market. Amazon Prime costs $139 for a year or $14.99 a month to join.

Watch Puerto Rico Open 2024 on Sky GO App ?

Sky’s streaming service offers live and on-demand programming. It’s known for covering golf and football events online in UK market. Sky Sports, available through Sky GO, has covered PGA Tour Events and the Golf Majors.

What channel is Puerto Rico Open in the USA?

In the United States, the Puerto Rico Open will be broadcasted on The Golf Channel and, on rare occasions, NBC. Because of their extensive sports coverage, many golf enthusiasts tune in to these networks to watch the tournament.

The Golf Channel

The Golf Channel is a specialized sports channel that airs only programming about the sport of golf. Among the professional golf tournaments it covers extensively is the Puerto Rico Open. The channel covers all aspects of the event, from warmups to postmortems, with in-depth analysis, live broadcasts, player interviews, and more.

The Golf Channel provides viewers with an insider’s look into golf through professional analysis, interviews with top players, and coverage of tournaments from every angle. Many facets of golf, from learning to play to designing a course, are shown on the channel.

The subscription cost of Golf channel is $65/mo.

NBC Sports

The Puerto Rico Open is a professional tennis tournament periodically shown on NBC, a prominent American television network. Broadcasts of the event on NBC often attract a wider viewership than those on more niche sports networks like the Golf Channel.

During its sports programming slots, NBC airs live coverage, highlights, and special segments related to the Puerto Rico Open. The tournament will be broadcasted live on the network to attract people who aren’t necessarily golf fanatics but would nonetheless enjoy watching the action.

The subscription cost of NBC Sports is $39.99/per season.

What channel is Puerto Rico Open in the UK?

The Sky Sports Golf channel in the United Kingdom will be airing the Puerto Rico Open.

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports Golf is a special Sky Sports channel devoted just to golf programming. PGA Tour events like the Puerto Rico Open are only one of several golf tournaments that receive substantial coverage. Extensive analysis, live coverage of pivotal events, player interviews, expert commentary, and pregame and postgame talks are available on the channel.

It has many features like it offers live coverage of the Puerto Rico Open. You can watch expert analysis and will find interactive content.

Its subscription cost to watch golf is $25/mo.

Puerto Rico Open Purse Size Over the Years

The purse size of Puerto Rico Open for the year 2023 was US$3,800,000. However, for the year 2024 it will be expected to be somewhere around US$ 4.0million.

YearPurse ($)Winner’s Share ($)Purse (GBP)Winner’s Share (GBP)

Who has the most wins in the Puerto Rico Open?

Michael Bradly has won this competition twice in 2009 and 2011.

How to watch Puerto Rico Open highlights?

To watch highlights of the Puerto Rico Open, you can follow these steps using both Pluto TV and the PGA Tour Official YouTube Channel:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming service offering various channels, including sports and entertainment content. To watch Puerto Rico Open highlights on Pluto TV, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit Pluto TV: Go to the Pluto TV website (pluto. tv) or open the app on your device.
  • Navigate to Sports Section: Browse the channels or sections to find the sports category.
  • Select PGA Tour Channel: Look for the PGA Tour-related channel within the sports section. It might feature highlights, recaps, and coverage of various golf tournaments, including the Puerto Rico Open.
  • Watch Highlights: Once on the PGA Tour channel, look for segments, recaps, or highlights related to the Puerto Rico Open. Enjoy the condensed coverage of the tournament’s key moments.

PGA Tour Official YouTube Channel:

The PGA Tour Official YouTube Channel is a prominent destination for golf enthusiasts to access a wide range of golf content, including highlights, interviews, player profiles, tournament recaps, and more. The channel is an official source for the PGA Tour’s digital content, providing fans with insights into the world of professional golf. Here’s how you can watch highlights on their channel:

  • Visit YouTube: Go to the YouTube website (youtube.com) or open the YouTube app on your device.
  • Search for PGA Tour Channel: In the search bar, type “PGA Tour Official” and look for the official PGA Tour YouTube channel.
  • Navigate to Playlists or Videos: On the PGA Tour channel page, you’ll find playlists or individual videos related to various tournaments, including the Puerto Rico Open. You can search for “Puerto Rico Open highlights” or explore the channel’s playlists.
  • Watch Highlights: Click on the videos or playlists that showcase Puerto Rico Open highlights. Enjoy watching the condensed coverage of the tournament’s exciting moments.

Can I watch the Puerto Rico Open for Free?

While premium streaming applications like Golf Channel and NBC Sports are available, fans should not go for other choices, such as the free options, while getting to how to watch the Puerto Rico Open. The Puerto Rico Open and other golf tournaments are covered extensively and in-depth on these sites. You can watch Sky Sports Golf, NBC, Pluto TV, or the official PGA Tour YouTube channel.

Live streaming of this event can be accessed for free by taking advantage of the free trial periods provided by streaming services, which are a good option for individuals interested in viewing but hesitant to commit to a membership.

Streaming services often offer a free trial period during which users may test the platform without shelling out any upfront cash. Watch the tournament as it happens without committing to anything for too long.

Puerto Rico Open Winners List Over the Years?

YearTourWinnerScoreTo parMargin of Victory
2023PGATColombia Nico Echavarría267−212 strokes
2022PGATUnited States Ryan Brehm268−206 strokes
2021PGATSouth Africa Branden Grace269−191 stroke
2020PGATNorway Viktor Hovland268−201 stroke
2019PGATUnited States Martin Trainer275−153 strokes
2017PGATUnited States D. A. Points268−202 strokes
2016PGATUnited States Tony Finau276−12Playoff
2015PGATGermany Alex Čejka281−7Playoff
2014PGATUnited States Chesson Hadley267−212 strokes
2013PGATUnited States Scott Brown268−201 stroke
2012PGATUnited States George McNeill272−162 strokes
2011PGATUnited States Michael Bradley (2)272−16Playoff
2010PGATUnited States Derek Lamely269−192 strokes
2009PGATUnited States Michael Bradley274−141 stroke
2008PGATUnited States Greg Kraft274−141 stroke

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