How to Watch 44th Ryder Cup outside the US

How to Watch Ryder Cup outside the US

The EUR/USA match-play has become pro golf’s most beguiling and compelling event, providing endless dopamine for contemplation among the game’s core fan base. Since the beginning of the event in 1927, Americans have dominated the equation with 27 wins, while Europe can clinch only 14 in their bag. Regarding the last 12 Ryder Cups, team Europe dominates the equation. Whatever the result, the event remains interesting until the end of the last day.

The followers of Gold from the US and Europe keenly follow and never take any chance to miss any shot of the game. But during the event, a lot of US citizens are on travel outside and on business tours all over the world.

Live Stream Ryder Cup 2023 outside the US (Finally Resolved)

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Install in on your devices.
  3. Launch the app and set your location to the country whose broadcaster you want to access.
  4. ExpressVPN has both the US and UK servers to unblock.
  5. Sign in to any of the streaming networks you already have subscriptions. Connect to the US server if you have subscribed to Sling, FuboTV, Hulu, DirecTV or Youtube TV. Otherwise, the UK server will be best suited for you.
  6. Navigate to the Golf Channel, NBC Golf or Sky Sports Golf on your app.
  7. Enjoy Ryder Cup online streaming with the ease of your home.

Despite the event attracting a massive worldwide audience, TV broadcast of the Ryder Cup 2023 is non-existent in many regions due to geo-blocks. Hail to a VPN will allow you to watch this international golf showdown no matter what part of the world you currently belong to. To start watching the Ryder Cup on your smartphone, you only need to set up a VPN.

To me, the first thing must be very clear a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to bypass broadcasting geo-restrictions by providing you with a new IP address in any country where the VPN has a server.

The major TV markets for the Ryder Cup are the United States (The Golf Channel + NBC) and the United Kingdom (Sky Sports), thus, we recommend using a VPN with servers in at least one of these two countries. If you subscribe to a US streaming TV provider, such as YouTube TV, fuboTV, huluTV, DirecTV Stream or Sling TV, you may watch NBC Golf’s extended tournament coverage by connecting to a US server.

Otherwise, you may go for a UK server to subscribe to Now TV and access Sky Sports Golf, which will also provide complete event coverage. A Now TV day pass is £7.99, and a weekly pass is only £5 extra.

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What Channel is Ryder Cup 2023 on US TV

*Opening Ceremony will be on Day 1, all times are ET

  • Thursday, Sept 23           5:00PM-8:00PM              NBC Golf
  • Friday, Sept 24                8:00AM-7:00PM              NBC GOLF/Peacock
  • Saturday., Sep 25            8:00AM-9:00AM             NBC GOLF/Peacock
  • Saturday, Sep 25             9:00AM-7:00PM              NBC/Peacock
  • Sunday, Sep 26               12:00PM-6:00PM            NBC/Peacock

Why do you need a VPN to Catch 44th Ryder Cup outside the US?

As mentioned earlier, the NBC Golf and Sky Sports Golf broadcasts of the Ryder Cup will not be available in most countries for geographical restrictions. Getting a VPN with US and UK servers with some powerful unblocking capabilities will ensure you have access to coverage of every match in the tournament.

In addition to looking for the availability of server locations of a VPN’s servers, you should search for a service with fast speeds and dependable connections for viewing high-quality live content. A simple setup and an easy-to-use interface are other important aspects that guarantee you can connect quickly.

Consider the additional protection and privacy that a VPN should always offer. Even if you want to use it to watch sporting events, you should be able to rely on your VPN to encrypt your connection and never save your data properly.

Final Words

Via Peacock (US Streaming Service), you can stream the 2023 Ryder Cup in various ways. With Peacock Premium, you can watch full Golf Channel and NBC telecasts and free Featured Match coverage all three days of the tournament, which will also be accessible on the RyderCup official website. With a valid cable subscription, telecasts can stream on Golf Channel,, and But if you are outside the US or Europe, you only need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock any streaming services you want.

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