Zurich Classic of New Orleans 2024: Schedule, and Where to Watch Online

The PGA Tour stops in New Orleans for the Zurich Classic of Golf. It’s unlike any other tournament on the circuit since it’s played in teams of two. Every year, golfers from all over the world gather to the TPC Louisiana course in Avondale, Louisiana, to compete in the event. Because of its unique style and setting, this tournament is always a fan favorite on the PGA Tour.

The tournament will be held from April 25-28, 2024. Time, date, and channel details for future broadcasts of the event are all listed here.

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Event NameZurich Classic of New Orleans
Start Date25th April, 2024
End Date28th April, 2024
CourseTPC Louisiana
PurseUS$8,300,000 (2023)
Current ChampionNick Hardey & Davis Riley
FormatTeam Stroke Play
TV ChannelsGolf Channel (USA), CBS (USA), ESPN (USA), NBC (USA), Sky Sports Golf (UK)

How to Watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans Online Anywhere in the World?

Follow these instructions to set up a virtual private network (VPN) and watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans from anywhere in the world:

  1. Make sure your VPN of choice has access to servers in both the UK and the US. ExpressVPN is among the best VPN services available today.
  2. Get a VPN app and sign up for an account. Downloads for various operating systems may be found below. Operating Systems Linux, BSD, OS/2, OS X, iOS, Android, etc.
  3. Connect to the VPN service, log in, and select a server location. You can view it on the UK broadcaster if you connect to a UK server, or on the US broadcaster if you connect to a US server.
  4. Remove all cookies and cache from your browser before utilizing the streaming service. As a result, streaming should go more smoothly.
  5. To see the Zurich Classic of New Orleans live, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser.
  6. In order to see content on certain streaming services, you may need to create an account or register. To view your profile, either create a new account or log in with your existing information.
  7. The Zurich Classic of New Orleans will be broadcast live if you sign up for it. You may watch the game without leaving your house or apartment thanks to the availability of live streaming.

What Channel is the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in the US?

Zurich Classic of New Orleans is typically broadcast on many American networks, each bringing a unique perspective.

Golf Channel

The Golf Channel’s coverage of professional golf tournaments is legendary. Analysis, commentary, and player interviews are included in the live broadcasts of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans and other golf tournaments. The network’s excellent reputation among golf fans stems from its extensive coverage and regular appearances by well-known golf journalists and former players.

The Golf Channel charges $65 per year for a subscription.

NBC Sports

Cooperation between the most watched network in the world (NBC) and the most popular golf channel (Golf Channel) is common when broadcasting important athletic events like the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. Live-action video, regular airing, in-depth interviews with major participants, and insightful analysis are all hallmarks of NBC’s coverage.

To further enhance the performance for the audience, they may hire a top-notch production staff and make use of state-of-the-art computer graphics and other technical wizardry. In an effort to enhance the program, this would be implemented.

NBC Sports is available for a yearly membership price of $39.99.


PGA Tour tournaments, which are competitions in the sport of golf, are shown on ESPN from time to time. Despite the fact that ESPN has less of an emphasis on golf overall than Golf Channel does, the network will give live coverage of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans this year. The addition of golf to ESPN’s programming would give viewers a more diverse range of sporting events to choose from.

The yearly subscription to ESPN costs $99.99, representing a discount of approximately 15% off the monthly rate.


The Zurich Classic of New Orleans is broadcasting its event live. CBS regularly broadcasts a variety of golf-related shows. During broadcasts of PGA Tour events like the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, it is common practice for specialists to offer analysis and commentary.

In the TPC Louisiana, they had one such competition. CBS frequently mixes live action with edited highlights, with the former emphasizing the most thrilling parts of the event and the latter concentrating on the less entertaining parts.

CBS All Access has a commercial-free alternative for $9.99 per month, in addition to a $5.99/month option.

How to Watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV?

Sports fans may watch their favorite shows on the go thanks to the accessibility of networks like Golf Channel USA, NBC Sports, CBS, and ESPN. Golf Channel USA allows viewers to access their favorite events and hear expert commentary from the comfort of their own homes using a variety of devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and streaming media players.

NBC Sports is accessible on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, making it easy to watch live golf matches and in-depth coverage. CBS broadcasts golf games in real time online, so viewers on any device can watch every shot unfold and listen to whatever analysis they choose.

Because of ESPN’s comprehensive sports coverage, golf fans using Android and iOS smartphones and tablets have easier access to ESPN’s coverage of golf tournaments and other golf-related content.

What Channel is the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in the UK?

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans will be shown on Sky Sports Golf in the United Kingdom. Here you’ll discover some context on the golf shows broadcast on this channel, which should help you enjoy them more fully.

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports Golf is a dedicated channel on the Sky Sports network that broadcasts solely golf-related shows. Media sources provide a great deal of attention to many different golf tournaments, especially those that are part of the PGA Tour and have namesakes like the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

The channel airs shows before and after games, including analysis, live footage of key events, player interviews, and commentary from industry professionals. Additionally, the channel airs programming before and after game broadcasts.

Access to live broadcasts of big tournaments, like as the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, is one of its main draws. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg; it has so much more to offer besides that! Professionals in the field have filmed video reviews and demonstrations, which you can use to learn more. You can get both forms of material from the same source.

There’s a $25 monthly fee to watch golf on this service.

Compatible Devices:

Web Browsers: Sky Sports Golf is also available online through a subscriber’s PC or laptop with a web browser that supports the Sky website.

Smart TVs: The Sky Sports app is available on many newer smart TVs, making it possible to stream Sky Sports Golf from the comfort of your couch.

Streaming Devices: Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV customers can watch Sky Sports Golf on their televisions by installing the Sky Sports app.

How to watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans online?

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans is now available to stream on a wide variety of platforms, including YouTube, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, Paramount, and DirecTV Stream. The Golf Channel, CBS Sports, ESPN, and NBC Sports are just a few of the sports networks that can be accessed with the use of these applications.

Several services will be broadcasting the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in real time. Offices in either the United States or the United Kingdom handle the majority of these sites’ operations. However, viewers in the United Kingdom who have subscribed to Sky Sports Golf will be able to watch the tournament live.

Listed below are the OTT channels that will be airing the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. The first step for every sports fan is to decide on a membership plan that best suits their requirements and preferences.

What FuboTV Package has Zurich Classic of New Orleans

FuboTV is compatible with Smart TV, Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV Interface, so you can view it on any of those devices. FuboTV is able to bring you coverage of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans thanks to its partnerships with the following networks. Let’s investigate the various membership packages that are available for their service together.

NBC SportFubo Latino Package ($33/mo)
ESPNPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
CBS SportsPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Elite Plan ($84.99/mo) Premium Plan ($94.99/mo)

What SlingTV package has Zurich Classic of New Orleans

SlingTV offers its users access to a huge selection of channels, all of which can be viewed by paying for one of the several subscription choices that are offered. Each of these television networks will provide coverage of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans during the competition. In addition, SlingTV is available on Chromebooks, Air TV devices, Android tablets, and smartphones.

These provide outstanding coverage of the event, and in order to maximize its value, you can choose the package that best meets your needs. These many bundles are all included below in the appropriate categories.

NBC SportsSling Blue ($40/mo) and Sling Orange & Blue ($55/mo)
ESPNSling Orange ($40/mo) and Sling Orange + Blue ($55/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Sling Orange ($40/mo)
CBS SportsSling Blue + Sports Extra ($51/mo)

What DirecTV Stream package has Zurich Classic of New Orleans

In order to watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans online, customers can subscribe to DirectTV Streaming and choose from a number of different subscription plans. Both the Golf Channel and CBS Sports will air broadcasts of the tournament in the United States.

Watching DirecTV Stream is possible on many different devices, including Android, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Cable, and many more.

Golf Channel (USA)Choice Package($69.99/mo)
CBS Sports Choice Package ($99.99/mo) Ultimate Package ($109.99/mo) Premier ($154.99/mo)

What YouTube TV package has the Zurich Classic of New Orleans

You can locate every golf event on YouTube, but YouTube is the greatest place to watch them. It’s conceivable that this event will also be broadcast on one of the many excellent streaming channels available to YouTube subscribers. However, before delving into the specifics of its membership packages, you need ensure that your devices are compatible. It works with several streaming devices including Roku TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick Lite, etc.

ESPNBasic Package ($72.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Base Plan (72.99+/mo) Spanish Plan($34.99/mo)

What Paramount Plus package has Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Only CBS Sports is available on the Paramount Plus, and it can be viewed on iPads, PCs, Apple TVs, Android devices, and more. If you want to watch CBS Sports’ coverage of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans and are interested in subscribing, you can learn more about your options below from Paramount.

CBS SportsEssential Plan ($5/mo) Premium Plan($10/mo)

What Hulu TV package has Zurich Classic of New Orleans

If you subscribe to a channel package that includes HuluTV, you will be able to watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. It all depends on the particulars of your deal, though. HuluTV is viewable on web browsers, Chromecast, and the Fire TV stick. There are several channel packages to choose from, some of which include popular sports networks like NBC Sports, ESPN, and CBS Sports.

NBC SportBasic Package ($7.99-$82.99/mo)
ESPNDisney Bundle ($12.99mo)
CBS SportsThe least expensive plan ($69.99/mo)

How to watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans highlights?

To watch Zurich Classic of New Orleans highlights on Pluto TV or the PGA Tour’s YouTube page, follow these simple steps:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV, a free streaming service, provides its users with access to a wide range of channels, some of which are devoted to both sports and entertainment. There are several channels that cover both of these niches.

Following these steps on Pluto TV will let you to see the Zurich Classic of New Orleans highlights:

  • You can tune in to Pluto TV whenever and wherever you choose thanks to Pluto.TV and the Pluto TV app for iOS and Android. The Pluto TV website provides access to both of these possibilities.
  • You should investigate your options if you want to be sure you get the sports programming you desire.
  • Go to the sports area of the menu and pick PGA Tour Network from the list of options there. You can describe and emphasize the Zurich Classic of New Orleans the same way you would any other golf tournament.
  • You get to choose what kinds of scenes are shown. The Zurich Classic of New Orleans will be broadcast in its entirety and in highlight form on the PGA Tour channel. This game recap will help you follow up with the action and comprehend what happened.

PGA Tour Official YouTube Channel

Highlights, interviews, player biographies, event summaries, and more can all be found on the official PGA Tour YouTube channel. In addition to offering a wealth of information for anybody interested in the professional golfing industry, the channel is also an authorized PGA Tour digital media distributor. So that you don’t miss a moment of the action, you should follow these instructions for accessing their channel:

  • Go to youtube.com or use the iOS or Android app to use YouTube.
  • To access the official PGA Tour channel, simply type “PGA Tour Official” into the YouTube search bar.
  • Videos from PGA Tour tournaments like the Zurich Classic of New Orleans are available on their channel as both curated playlists and individual videos. You can find “Zurich Classic of New Orleans” by searching the channel or browsing its playlists.
  • The movies and playlists feature the best moments of Zurich Classic of New Orleans. Enjoy this abridged recap of the best moments from the tournament.

Can I Watch the Zurich Classic of New Orleans for free?

The Zurich Classic of New Orleans can or cannot be available for free online viewing across the world, depending on who holds the broadcasting rights. The only way to see the whole game is to subscribe to a sports station or streaming service.

These broadcasts frequently provide in-depth commentary and coverage of every round of the event. However, there’s always a chance that the event, or at least a significant portion of it, can air for free on network channels at certain times.

In the United States, for instance, the Zurich Classic of New Orleans is often shown on NBC and the Golf Channel. Both of these stations are accessible via cable or satellite TV, and they both require a subscription to enjoy their content. On the other hand, the event can be included in the free trials of various streaming providers.

Zurich Classic of New Orleans Purse Size over the Years

YearPurse ($)Winner’s Share ($) eachPurse (GBP)Winner’s Share (GBP) each

Who has the most wins in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans?

There is yet to be a three-time winner at New Orleans, but eleven have won twice. Four won in consecutive years: Byron Nelson, Bo Wininger, Tom Watson, and Franco.

2 wins

  • Henry Picard: 1939, 1941
  • Byron Nelson: 1945, 1946
  • Bo Wininger: 1962, 1963
  • Frank Beard: 1966, 1971
  • Billy Casper: 1958, 1975
  • Tom Watson: 1980, 1981
  • Chip Beck: 1988, 1992
  • Ben Crenshaw: 1987, 1994
  • Carlos Franco: 1999, 2000
  • Billy Horschel: 2013, 2018
  • Cameron Smith: 2017, 2021

Zurich Classic of New Orleans Winners List Over the Years

YearWinner(s)ScoreTo parMargin of
2023United States Nick Hardy and United States Davis Riley258−302 strokes
2022United States Patrick Cantlay and United States Xander Schauffele259−292 strokes
2021Australia Marc Leishman and Australia Cameron Smith (2)268−20Playoff
2020Canceled (COVID-19)Canceled (COVID-19)Canceled (COVID-19)Canceled (COVID-19)
2019United States Ryan Palmer and Spain Jon Rahm262−263 strokes
2018United States Billy Horschel (2) and United States Scott Piercy266−221 stroke
2017Sweden Jonas Blixt and Australia Cameron Smith261−27Playoff
2016United States Brian Stuard201−15Playoff
2015England Justin Rose266−221 stroke
2014South Korea Noh Seung-yul269−192 strokes
2013United States Billy Horschel268−201 stroke
2012United States Jason Dufner269−19Playoff
2011United States Bubba Watson273−15Playoff
2010United States Jason Bohn270−182 strokes
2009United States Jerry Kelly274−141 stroke
2008Argentina Andrés Romero275−131 stroke

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