The Memorial Tournament 2024: Schedule, and Where to Watch Online

The Memorial Tournament is a major golf tournament played every year on the PGA Tour. The event was established in Dublin, Ohio’s Muirfield Village Golf Club in 1976 by golfing great Jack Nicklaus. The Memorial Tournament is an homage to the history of golf and features a grueling course, a top-tier field of players, and a substantial prize fund. It has evolved into a highly respected tournament throughout the years, both among golf fans and professionals.

The dates for the competition are June 6-9, 2024. This page contains information about when and where the event will be televised in the future.

Event NameWells Fargo Championship
Start Date6th June, 2024
End Date9th June, 2024
CourseMuirfield Village Golf Club
PurseUS$20,000,000 (2023)
Current ChampionViktor Hovland
FormatStroke Play
TV ChannelsGolf Channel (USA), CBS (USA), ESPN (USA), NBC (USA), Sky Sports Golf (UK)

How to Watch The Memorial Tournament Online Anywhere in the World?

Here’s how to set up a virtual private network (VPN) and watch The Memorial Tournament from anywhere:

  1. If you’re looking for a VPN, be sure it has access to servers in both the UK and the US. When it comes to virtual private networks, ExpressVPN is a top choice.
  2. Get a VPN, or virtual private network, app, and sign up for service. Links to downloads for various operating systems are provided below. It’s not only Linux and BSD and OS/2 and Mac OS X and iOS and Android and so on.
  3. Simply connect to the VPN, provide your credentials, and select a destination. Depending on your location, you may watch the event via a different broadcaster by connecting to a server in either the United Kingdom or the United States.
  4. You should delete all cookies and browser history before starting the streaming service. As a result, streaming should be more productive.
  5. The Memorial Tournamnet may be seen live on any device with access to the internet and a web browser.
  6. Some streaming services need registration or an account to see content. Create an account, or enter your login information if you already have one, to view your profile.
  7. If you sign up, you’ll get access to a live broadcast of the Memorial Tournament. With the advent of live streaming, sports fans no longer need to travel to a venue in order to watch a match.

What Channel is The Memorial Tournament in the US?

The Memorial Tournament is typically broadcast on many American networks, each bringing a unique perspective.

Golf Channel

Professional golf events are widely covered on the Golf Channel. Analysis, commentary, and player interviews are all part of the live broadcasts of the Memorial Tournament and other golf tournaments. The network’s commitment to golf and its regular appearances by notable golf journalists and former players have given it a strong profile among golf fans.

The annual fee to subscribe to The Golf Channel is $65.

NBC Sports

As the most viewed network in the world and the most popular golf channel, respectively, NBC and Golf Channel frequently work together to provide viewers coverage of big sporting events like The Memorial Tournament. NBC’s coverage is distinguished by its live-action footage, nonstop transmission, in-depth interviews with key players, and intelligent commentary.

They could employ a top-notch production team and use cutting-edge CGI and other technical wizardry to improve the show for viewers. That modification would be made to boost the efficiency of the program.

NBC Sports is available for a yearly membership price of $39.99.


There will be coverage of PGA Tour tournaments, which are competitions in the sport of golf, shown on ESPN every once in a while. In spite of the fact that ESPN typically allocates a lower amount of its programming schedule to golf in comparison to Golf Channel, the network will be broadcasting live coverage of The Memorial Tournament this year. If golf was included in the programming at ESPN, then viewers would have access to a wider variety of sports events from which to chose.

ESPN’s annual subscription is $99.99, which is a reduction of around 15% off the monthly pricing.


Watch The Memorial Tournament as it happens online. Numerous golf-related shows regularly air on CBS. It is common for broadcasts of professional golf tournaments like the Memorial Tournament to have analyst commentary.

At Muirfield Village Golf Club, they had one of these competitions. CBS will frequently move away from live coverage to show edited highlights, with the former focusing on the most thrilling moments and the latter on the ones viewers are less likely to find intriguing.

CBS All Access has two pricing tiers, one at $5.99 per month with ads and another at $9.99 per month without ads.

How to Watch The Memorial Tournament on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV?

Sports fans on the go may tune in to a variety of mobile-friendly sports networks, including Golf Channel USA, NBC Sports, CBS, and ESPN. Golf Channel USA allows American viewers to stay home and watch their favorite tournaments with commentary from the pros on their smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other streaming media players.

NBC Sports is accessible on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, and it broadcasts live golf matches and provides extensive coverage of the sport. CBS broadcasts its golf events live online, allowing viewers to tune in from anywhere and on any device to see every shot unfold and hear their preferred commentary.

Thanks to ESPN’s broad sports coverage, Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users may find it easier to access ESPN’s coverage of golf events and other golf-related information.

What Channel is The Memorial Tournament in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, you can see coverage of the Memorial Tournament on Sky Sports Golf. In this article, you will find background information that can enhance your appreciation of the golf shows shown on this channel.

Sky Sports Golf

As part of the Sky Sports family of channels, “Sky Sports Golf” is dedicated solely to broadcasting golf-related shows. Media outlets typically cover several golf tournaments, notably PGA Tour events with well-known names like The Memorial Tournament.

The shows shown before and after games include analysis, live footage of significant events, player interviews, and commentary from industry insiders. There are games broadcasted, but additional programming is also shown before and after each game.

One of its main draws is the chance to witness important competitions, like The Memorial Tournament, as they happen. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; that’s just the beginning of it. Professionals in the field have provided video testimonials and lessons that you may watch to learn more. Both forms of material are available from the same source.

Using this service to watch golf costs $25 per month.

Compatible Devices

Web Browsers

Sky Sports Golf is also available online through a subscriber’s PC or laptop with a web browser that supports the Sky website.

Smart TVs

The Sky Sports app is available on many newer smart TVs, making it possible to stream Sky Sports Golf from the comfort of your couch.

Streaming Devices

Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Apple TV customers may watch Sky Sports Golf on their televisions by installing the Sky Sports app.

How to watch the Memorial Tournament online?

In addition to YouTube, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, Paramount, and DirecTV Stream, a number of other streaming providers are now providing live coverage of the Memorial Tournament. The Golf Channel, CBS Sports, ESPN, and NBC Sports are just a few of the numerous sports networks accessible through these packages.

The Memorial Tournament will be broadcast live on a number of channels. Most of these locations’ day-to-day operations are overseen by headquarters in either the United States or the United Kingdom. However, viewers in the United Kingdom who have subscribed to Sky Sports Golf will be able to watch the tournament live.

The following are the cable and satellite channels that will be airing the Memorial Tournament has a pay-per-view event. Each sports fan must first decide which membership tier is ideal for their preferences and demands.

What FuboTV Package Has Memorial Tournament

The fact that FuboTV is compatible with Smart TV, Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV Interface means that you may view it on any of the aforementioned gadgets. The following networks have formed partnerships with FuboTV to make it possible for people such as yourself to watch coverage of the Memorial Tournament on FuboTV. Let’s get together and discuss the different membership tiers and alternatives that are provided by that firm. We’ll go over all of them.

NBC SportFubo Latino Package ($33/mo)
ESPNPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
CBS SportsPro Plan ($74.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Elite Plan ($84.99/mo) Premium Plan ($94.99/mo)

What SlingTV package has The Memorial Tournament

Customers of SlingTV can choose from a vast array of channel packages, available with various pricing tiers. All of these channels will be showing Memorial Tournament coverage while it is happening. Chromebooks, Air TV devices, Android tablets, and smartphones are all compatible with SlingTV’s streaming service.

To get the most out of the event, choose the plan that best meets your needs from among those that provide comprehensive coverage. Below, you’ll find the appropriate headers for each of these collections.

NBC SportsSling Blue ($40/mo) and Sling Orange & Blue ($55/mo)
ESPNSling Orange ($40/mo) and Sling Orange + Blue ($55/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Sling Orange ($40/mo)
CBS SportsSling Blue + Sports Extra ($51/mo)

What DirecTV Stream package has The Memorial Tournament

The Memorial Tournament viewing options are available for DirectTV Streaming customers in a number of packages. Both CBS Sports and the Golf Channel will broadcast the tournament in the United States.

There are several other platforms and devices that you may use to watch DirecTV Stream, including Android, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Cable, and many more.

Golf Channel (USA)Choice Package($69.99/mo)
CBS Sports Choice Package ($99.99/mo) Ultimate Package ($109.99/mo) Premier ($154.99/mo)

What YouTube TV package has the Memorial Tournament

Golf events are easily accessible on YouTube, which is why it is the platform of choice for viewers. There are several high-quality YouTube streaming channels, so it’s feasible that this may air there as well. Before looking at the service’s pricing details, you should see if your devices are compatible with it. You may use it with your Roku TV, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick Lite, or any of the other popular streaming video devices.

ESPNBasic Package ($72.99/mo)
Golf Channel (USA)Base Plan (72.99+/mo) Spanish Plan($34.99/mo)

What Paramount Plus package has The Memorial Tournament

In addition to allowing users to watch CBS Sports on a broad range of devices (including iPads, PCs, Apple TVs, and more), Paramount Plus also provides access to a number of additional premium channels. Paramount has offered the following details for those interested in subscribing to CBS Sports in order to view their coverage of the Memorial Tournament.

CBS SportsEssential Plan ($5/mo) Premium Plan($10/mo)

What Hulu TV package has The Memorial Tournament

If you have HuluTV as part of your cable package, you may watch the Memorial Tournament. This, however, is contingent on the particulars of the agreement you arrive upon. HuluTV may be seen on desktop and mobile web browsers, Chromecast, and the Amazon Fire TV stick. Popular sports networks like NBC Sports, ESPN, and CBS Sports may be found in a number of the various channel packages.

NBC SportBasic Package ($7.99-$82.99/mo)
ESPNDisney Bundle ($12.99mo)
CBS SportsThe least expensive plan ($69.99/mo)

How to watch the Memorial Tournament highlights?

To watch The Memorial Tournament highlights on Pluto TV or the PGA Tour’s YouTube page, follow these simple steps:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV, a free streaming service, has several different channels available, covering both sports and entertainment. There are several outlets that serve both demographics.

Highlights from The Memorial Tournament may be viewed on Pluto TV as follows:

  • Watching Pluto TV is now more convenient than ever thanks to Pluto.TV and the Pluto TV app for iOS and Android. Both of those tasks are possible on the Pluto TV website.
  • It’s a good idea to investigate your options if you’re serious about securing access to your preferred sports programming.
  • Go to the sports section of the main menu and pick PGA Tour Network. As far as describing and emphasizing the Memorial Tournament goes, it’s not too different from any other major golf tournament.
  • The choice of scenes is entirely up to you. All of the action from the Memorial Tournament, plus highlight reels, will be shown on the PGA Tour channel. To follow the action and completely appreciate what just transpired, read on for a summary of the game.

PGA Tour Official YouTube Channel

The official PGA Tour channel on YouTube has highlights, interviews, player biographies, tournament summaries, and more. The channel is not only a great resource for golfers, but also an official PGA Tour digital media distributor. Listen to their channel at the following times to catch every thrilling minute:

  • Access YouTube on your computer through or on your mobile device using the iOS or Android app.
  • To discover the official PGA Tour channel on YouTube, just type “PGA Tour Official” into the search bar.
  • They provide individual videos and highlights from PGA Tour tournaments like The Memorial Tournament. You may browse their playlists or look up “The Memorial Tournament” in the channel’s search bar.
  • Videos and playlists include some of the most exciting and memorable moments from The Memorial Tournament. Get a taste of the tournament’s best moments without missing a beat.

Can I Watch The Memorial Tournament for free?

There is no guarantee that The Memorial Tournament will be available for free online streaming in every country across the world. If you want to see the whole game, you’ll need to pay for either a sports channel or a streaming service subscription.

A few of these broadcasts provide extensive analysis and coverage of each round of the event. Still, it’s possible that the event, or at least a significant portion of it, may be shown for free on network channels at certain times.

Examples include the frequent airings of The Memorial Tournament on NBC and the Golf Channel in the United States. Access to the programming of both of these TV networks requires a subscription and may be obtained through cable or satellite TV. On the other hand, the event can be accessible for free during trials provided by various streaming service providers.

The Memorial Tournament Purse Size over the Years

YearWinner’s Share ($)Winner’s Share (GBP)

Who has the most wins in The Memorial Tournament?

  • 5 wins: Tiger Woods (1999, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2012)
  • 3 wins: Kenny Perry (1991, 2003, 2008)
  • 2 wins: Jack Nicklaus (1977, 1984), Hale Irwin (1983, 1985), Greg Norman (1990, 1995), Tom Watson: (1979, 1996), Patrick Cantlay (2019, 2021)

The Memorial Tournament Winners List Over the Years

YearWinnerScoreTo parMargin of
2023Norway Viktor Hovland281−7Playoff
2022United States Billy Horschel275−134 strokes
2021United States Patrick Cantlay (2)275−13Playoff
2020Spain Jon Rahm279−93 strokes
2019United States Patrick Cantlay269−192 strokes
2018United States Bryson DeChambeau273−15Playoff
2017United States Jason Dufner275−133 strokes
2016United States William McGirt273−15Playoff
2015Sweden David Lingmerth273−15Playoff
2014Japan Hideki Matsuyama275−13Playoff
2013United States Matt Kuchar276−122 strokes
2012United States Tiger Woods (5)279−92 strokes
2011United States Steve Stricker272−161 stroke
2010England Justin Rose270−183 strokes
2009United States Tiger Woods (4)276−121 stroke
2008United States Kenny Perry (3)280−82 strokes

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